KABI is a private environment for web services and applications.

KABI est un environnement privé pour les services Web et les applications.

KABI ist eine private Plattform für Webanwendungen und Webservices. 

Why KABI.tk?

With KABI.tk, we created a safe and self-hosted environment for web applications and services for our families and friends. The name KABI is a compound of Kari and Tobi, the founder and admins of the service.

Considering that while using any commercial product that you aren’t paying for, you are the product – by selling your data and privacy. We provide open-source software and web applications for chatting, telephoning, videoconferencing, e-mailing and file storage in the cloud. Free of advertising and safely on our own servers. 

Therefore, most of our services on KABI.tk are limitated to approved users. To participate you need an invitation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

KABIpad (open)

With CodiMD you can work on documents seamlessly for taking notes, brainstorming, team works etc. using markdown to style your text.

Etherpad and


With KABIcloud, you can keep all your data safe and in a single place. All files are stored encrypted on the server.


We host a Matrix instance that we call KABIchat. It's federated and compatible with the Matrix-Universe. You may use the Riot.im client for chatting, audio- and videocalling.


Using BigBlueButton Server implementation, we provide a powerful and professional tool for collaborating, video conferencing and online teaching & studying. You need an invitation for this service.


With our Mastodon instance you can do Twitter-like microblogging. It's working along the Fediverse via ActivityPub.


Threema is a commercial secure, messaging app for mobile phones. With ThreemaWeb you can connect and use your own Threema account within the browser. No data is being collected.

PasteBin (open)

In this bin you can paste any text to share with others while the server has zero knowledge of its content. You can make the pasted text disappear after the first read or within a specific time.


Get your blog, easy and without need of any technical knowledge. Plume can communicate with other federated platforms like KABIsocial (Mastodon), so people can follow your blogs, bookmark their favorite posts, and boost them to their followers.


Some of our and other people's code is available here. Please write us an email for registration.


Do you need a website for your project, personal homepage or a portfolio? We host it and help with the set-up. It's easy!


We host and manage personal e-mail addresses, either linked to your Google-account or direct accessible with any e-mail app or web browser. You can bring a domain or get one with us.

Mumble (open)

We host a Mumble instance you may use for group conferences.


Additionally to KABIcloud we are able to provide you with a scalable FTP accessible storage and backup management.


We are sponsoring LibreSpeed - a speed test, free and without advertising or tracking.


Traveling abroad and need to stay connected to specific services? You can use a VPN hosted on our servers.

Access and Apps

Quick-Start guide: English, Deutsch, Français

If you want to use a web browser, you can open a new browser instance. This makes sense on public computers like at the library or in other public spaces.

You can also install Riot on your Mac or Windows PC.

For older Windows Sytems or if the installation fails, try to use the 32-Bit Version: Windows (32 Bit)

Using KABIchat on your mobile phone, you may use the Riot.IM client for Android or iOS.


You can use Mastodon in your browser:

There are lots of apps for iOS or Android. We recommend “Mast” for iOS and “Fedilab” for Android.


Please consider donating for keeping our services running.

Bitcoin: bc1q90ecrj3d5d3lgr5qnelv3q42wqk28pc23jsgvq

Impressum/Privacy Policy


Our servers are powered by wind energy produced in off-shore windparks in the baltic sea provided by Vantaan Energia, Finland.

(C) 2018 – 2020 KABI.tk